Praise for The Bliss Mistress Guide to Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary


There are times, I’m sure you’ve experienced it, when the every-day dullness of life, takes over you, and you forget that Life is Good, and the promise of Bliss seems like so much spiritual sales-hype. Then, there are other times, when you read a book like Bliss Mistress, and you know this isn’t false hype but true hope.


This is a real person who has struggled. This is a real person who has sweated the spiritual-details, and risen above the ordinariness of Life, to experience something not “special”, but, TRULY ordinary: Life-AS-Bliss, the way it was intended to felt and lived and understood.

Edie Weinstein calls herself “The Bliss Mistress” for a good reason. She has truly mastered Bliss. In a way, she is Bliss’ own consort, it’s wife, it’s lover— mating with it, knowing it, fusing with it, inseparably from herself.


Her book is very inspirational, but, it is inspiration that may be threatening to all of us who lapse into everyday-ness, forgetting the spiritual gift of Life, of Grace, and the Simplicity of simply Being. Such a threat is a great gift which should not be feared but, itself, like Bliss, and Ms. Weinstein’s poignant words . . . embraced.

Top kudos to Ms. Weinstein. May her BLISS be also OURS!

*The Bliss Mistress! A must read book that will inspire your deepest synapses! Not to mention bring you much joy! By Edie Weinstein, who is a prolific writer, story teller, alchemist, and mystic! You won’t be able to put the book down!

Joseph Campbell told us to follow our bliss; Edie Weinstein shows us how to do it. With grace,humility,intellect and humor she invites the reader on a delicious and juicy journey of self discovery.The key that unlocks this trip is one of being human. Edie is not fearful of being vulnerable and therefor being totally available to us.The striving towards oneness demands this.The great paradox in enhancing bliss is that one must be well grounded in the pain that goes with life.If we are spiritual beings in search of a human experience then this delightful read suggests that oneness and bliss are,in fact,made for each other.

Edie quickly became a Facebook friend a year or so ago. I often times follow the links she posts. We are kindred souls. What The Bliss Mistress does is show us glimpses of her life which were her growth experiences. In sharing, she invites us to grow blissfully with her through these personal experiences. And then she gives us a trinket of beauty at the end with her interview with the Dali Llama. I told her I keep it in my “library” where I “go” throughout the day (lol) and get little Bliss Bites while okay well on the pottie! A Great read (I read it all the way through quickly and then pick it up and cover chapters each time I return).

Truly a transformative book! The minute I picked up the book, the words jumped off the page into my heart. I immediately connected to Edie and her journey. This book is genuine, heart-felt, and real. I am recommending this to any one who truly wants to create a love affair with themselves.

I loved this first offering by Edie Weinstein. The Bliss Mistress takes you on an odyssey through the extraordinary lens of every day living. I like to pick a page or chapter at random and savor that message for my enjoyment and awakening. Edie has a knack for incorporating hope, magic, and humor into each and every page. Read this gem and find your bliss!

Edie Weinstein is an extraordinary woman. Most people would have to reincarnate several times to experience what she has in a single lifetime. How does she do it? By embracing everything that comes, by facing and walking straight through fear, by being an alchemist and “transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

This book sneaks up on you. The title sounds friendly: The Bliss Mistress. If you glance quickly at the cover, you might just assume that it’s a nice butterfly kind of book. Be careful. Look again. Upon closer inspection, the butterfly becomes a winged woman made of shadow and light.

You’ll do well to keep these nuances in mind as you read the book, too. Each chapter is bright with emotion and imagination, but Ms. Weinstein reveals her skill as a professional therapist by asking a series of insightful questions at the end of each section.

The stories are gentle, funny, engaging and real–which makes them easy to read. Some books are strong medicine. You read them because they’re good for you, but they burn your throat going down. This one is sweet and natural, but the effect is no less powerful. I found myself shedding tears, thinking deep thoughts and looking out at the world with fresh eyes as I read this book.

Despite the fact that she has spent time with the Dalai Lama, Neale Donald Walsch, Richard Bach and many other modern luminaries, Edie is humble and deeply generous.

I recommend that you get acquainted with this Bliss Mistress through her book and then find her where she plays with great delight on Facebook and her blogs.

Congratulations to Common Ground member Edie Weinstein — the Bliss Mistress — who just published her new book. May it spread inspiration and hope to all who read it.

Delightful read……….deep, rich, gentle, fun, soul-searching, “fertilizing” (isn’t that a great word?)! An opportunity to harvest our personal theophanies.

From the moment I began reading this book I could feel the little light that shines from inside expand and grow. With each chapter I felt like all the dust from daily living just blow away! The Bliss Mistress Guide will sit by my bedside and I will open to a chapter each day and give myself the gift of BLISS!!! Love this book from the cover to the very last word! Read The Bliss Mistress Guide and begin your journey to Bliss! This book is a blessing…..Thank you.

Edie Weinstein has been there, done that and is now blissing out. In this highly readable well written first book, Weinstein invites you to take the bliss trip you’ve always or should have dreamed of. As she shares a personal anecdote for each day of the month, you will frequently respond with an affirmative nod, chuckle or groan as you recognize that you’ve been there and done that too and maybe too often. If, however, you haven’t been blissing out on ALL the gifts (good and not so good) our enigmatic universe presents – as the Bliss Mistress has learned to do – she offers delicious bliss kisses to help you on your way. Don’t let the relative brevity of this book fool you. Weinstein has distilled a lifetime of wisdom and experiences into these pages. Bliss often comes in small packages.



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