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Edie takes the power of touch to a new level. I felt relaxed in her workshop and felt a healing connection with the other participants even in a virtual setting. Edie is a seasoned expert that will teach your team to communicate better by allowing the participant to effectively use all five senses.- Sam Mak (Author Muslim Mythbusting ; speakerauthormotivator.com)

Edie Weinstein is the complete professional, it’s always a joy to be on her program. But most importantly, this wonderful soul whose love for life and enthusiasm for her craft is a dear friend.

– Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. (author and speaker)

Edie Weinstein’s heart, warmth, and integrity are undeniable. I believe Michael Scott (The Office) would call that a win-win- win, as would I. – Chris Grosso (author and speaker)

Edie speaks truth and authenticity in the most heartfelt, and inspiring way. I often find myself seeking out her work in times of struggle and when I just want to smile ear to ear.

– Betsy Chasse (author, filmmaker, and producer of What the Bleep Do We Know?)

Edie was a star speaker at a Storytelling Event in New York City for The Good Men Project. She was well-prepared, professional, and was able to connect with an audience in a human, engaging and interesting way. We had her be the closing act for the show because she was so strong. Edie is highly recommended! — Lisa Hickey, CEO/Publisher, The Good Men Project

Edie has great enthusiasm and passion for whatever subject she presents. She shares from the heart and always comes across very genuine and knowledgeable. She brings pertinent quotes and often brings interesting props to show.– Rev. Glenda Smith, Circle of Miracles

Edie Weinstein is full of heart, and brings so much fun and “joy juice” to everything she does. She is also the ultimate connector, and works so hard at bringing positive connections or new, positive, and uplifting information to others. She is an absolute treasure and I recommend her highly. — Deborah Grandinetti, Strategic, Visionary Media Professional; Expertise: Media Communications | Writing & Editing | Publicity & Outreach

Edie’s unique skill set has made her a tremendous asset to the editorial team at Elements. She has decades of practical, hands-on experience working with people in addiction recovery as well as a passion for helping people and putting her voice into prose. Over the years, she has connected with an impressive network of experts, which she draws on for stories with clever angles and perspectives. Her brain is eternally on the lookout for new and interesting topics. Edie is driven, knowledgeable and passionate about her work, and on top of that, she’s got tons of character and a huge heart. I feel privileged to have had her on my team. — Meghan Vivo, Content & Media Relations Director at Elements Behavioral Health

Edie is one of the most transformative, kind, and talented people I have had the pleasure to work with. Her writing alone can change your life, but she has many more tricks up her sleeve to help you find a path to embracing your bliss! If you need a writing professional, coach or speaker, she’s your girl! Prepare to be amazed! — Joan Schaublin, Owner at Jo Spring

Edie is a warm, caring, smart and very creative woman. She has a huge heart and devotes her life to being the best person she can be, and sharing her insights and knowledge. She is an engaging presenter and someone who is simply delightful to be around, whether in a personal or professional setting. Keep an eye on Edie because I know that she will continue to have a huge impact on making this world a better place! — Dr. Susan Burger, Dr. Susan Burger’s Vitality Center

I have had the incredible delight of attending several of Edie’s inspirational workshops. Always I leave with a sense of deep joy and grounded wisdom. Edie is a multi-faceted woman of power with many talents! I am always amazed at the depth of of practical and spiritual knowledge! —
Rev. Margaret Palagye, Spiritual Director, Founder of Joyful Gathering Spiritual Center

I have worked closely with Edie at The Horsham Clinic for six years. She brings a unique and refreshing brand of warmth, humor and creativity to her high level of expertise as a social worker, teacher and group facilitator. — Peggy Tileston, Instructor, Academic Clinical Supervisor, Music Therapy Department, Temple University

Edie is an excellent facilitator of workshops. I have hired Edie many times to present classes in my studio center. She is personable, intelligent, empathetic, and provides a safe space for exploration of intimacy and personal growth! Edie is the best! I recommend you treat yourself and sign up for one of her Cuddle Parties! — Rusty Stewart, Ph.D., Creating Unconventional, Authentic, Fulfilling, Trusting Relationships w Ravishing Sex through Unbridled Self Expression

Edie is a masterful communicator who brings a warm heart and sharp mind to her work. She has the rare gift of being able to inspire and also being able to make things happen on the ground. She truly is a Renaissance woman – visionary and creative, grounded and productive. — Dr. Joni Carley, Values-driven Leadership & Cultural Transformation Consulting with Business Owners, Corporate & NGO Executives

Edie is a source of brilliant loving energy that meets people’s needs and serves for everyone’s mutual support and growth. She is a Cuddle Party Facilitator of the highest caliber serving a wide area of the Mid-Atlantic Region. She also edits and publishes the Cuddle Party Newsletter with creative zest and brilliant accuracy and acumen. These are the areas I know her best in through our experience, but I would trust her to give 100% to any common goal or project she would say “YES” to along the way. — Len Daley, ExDir EDUCO Foundations of Facilitation/Cuddle Party & Complementary and Alternative Medicine Provider to VA Pain Clinic

Edie magazine cover

Edie is a wonderful, insightful, fun interviewer who made me instantly feel at home. She puts her heart, mind and soul into the interview which makes it heartfelt and powerful. Her skill is unmistakable and her spirit is beautiful. — Judith Orloff MD Author Second Sight

Edie is one remarkable woman. Her spirit can lift boulders, her warmth can heat mid-sized cities, her personality has more snap, crackle and pop than…well, you know what. Edie interviewed me for Wisdom magazine. She’s a brilliant writer and a deft interviewer. I heartily recommend her for whatever project or opportunity you have in mind.”–Paul Stone, Director of Advertising, W.B. Mason Company

Edie is one those rare unforgettable women who is so delightful that you find yourself looking for projects to collaborate with her on. Her writing talent is undeniable, having interviewed luminaries such as HH The Dalai Lama. But what’s more, Edie brings her full-out shining essence to everything she creates in her business. You will want her on your team! –Gina Mazza, Owner, Epiphany Works

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