Edie Weinstein

Opportunity Knocks When You Hire Edie Weinstein

  • Are you a professional, a creative soul, a conscious entrepreneur?
  • Do you have a multitude of ideas as a visionary, but aren’t sure how to find what you need to turn your dreams into reality?
  • Are you an author who is shy about being center stage and would like support in becoming comfortable with visibility and speaking publicly? Would you appreciate instruction to become a thriving artist, rather than a starving artist?

Edie Weinstein is nationally recognized as the leader of the Hug Mob movement.

Edie Weinstein decided to make the world a more welcoming, embracing place, since she saw that often, people felt alone and disconnected from those around them.

Edie Weinstein is a Columnist, Book Author, Writer and Blogger

Known worldwide for her empathy, compassion and enthusiasm for life, Edie's books and writings bring comfort, laughter and insight into every day life for everyone.

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Do you want a life that sings and soars? What lights you up from the inside?

Are there changes you are facing that feel challenging through which you would like to move with greater ease and grace? Have you experienced a loss that you want to heal through?

Professional Speaker For Events and Workshops

Edie is a skilled motivational speaker who is comfortable with public speaking with any size audience. She is down to earth, funny, a natural born storyteller and leaves everyone with actionable techniques and inspirational ideas to take home.

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Rev. Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW Spiritual Services

Rev. Edie Weinstein, MSW is a graduate of the New Seminary in New York City, Reiki Master and an ordained Interfaith Minister assigned to the staff of The Interfaith Temple.

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