Interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Hard to imagine that nearly eight years ago, I had the honor of being in the presence of a man who I now think of as a ‘spiritual rock star’ in addition to being a world leader, a scholar, diplomat and indeed, a sweet soul.  Over the years, people have…

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Embraced By The Divine Contributing Writer, Edie Weinstein, Announces Book “Soft Launch”

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A number one best selling book on Kindle, Embraced By The Divine, announced its January 21, 2016 softcover launch along with book discounts and prizes. Embraced by the Divine celebrates by offering a 22% price discount, over 65 free gifts and a prize drawing for a “stunning artwork piece, personally signed…

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The Bucks Happening List “Best Blogger”

Edie writes daily for hefty pile of blogs on topics ranging from addiction to relationships, to self exploration and interviews with famous people.  She is nominated for the “Best Blogger” in Bucks County.  Vote as often as you wish, from January 15 to 22.

You need not live in Bucks County to do it. If you have read my work, then you know I put my heart and soul into it. Also, feel free to spread the word to your peeps ♥ Thank you!

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The Range of Human Experience

Up in the wee hours, I’m feeling the emotional wave (not weight) of the world. There is so much sadness and loss, and also so much healing and love. I want to stay focused on the latter and not the former, although I know what happened within me when I ignored the first in my own life. I need to acknowledge that the entire range of human experience exists.

Since the return of my trip to Sivananda Ashram and the revelations I had about releasing expectation and freeing myself by re-writing my story (which was part of my purpose in trekking there.), I began re-writing the roles for the people in my life; seeing them with different eyes. Letting go. Allowing me to be genuine with them, without subterfuge or expectation that they be any certain way. As I do that, I also give myself permission to treat myself that way. What if I could befriend myself, welcome myself home with open arms and open heart?

Letting Go of the Old to Embrace the New

When I began my travels last year (in a year’s time, I have been to New Orleans, California, Las Vegas, Hilton Head, Jamaica and the Bahamas), I bought a backpack and stuffed it full of whatever I could, so that it and a roll on suitcase could be my carry-on luggage. Many times when I checked baggage, it took a separate journey and didn’t arrive with me. By the time I left for this recent trip, it was frayed around the edges and one zipper kept popping open. I prayed that the contents would stay inside. Fortunately they did. I retired my backpack yesterday and found a new one made by the company, Toms, that also makes shoes. The purchase of it benefits Bullying Prevention programs. I felt socially responsible by this and loved how it symbolized refraining from self-bullying thoughts. They still pop up from time to time as I question my abilities and impact on the world.

Yesterday, a roller coaster experience of uncertainty in one area of my life turned around when additional professional opportunities arose to which I said yes.  I made some decisions about prioritizing my work, did a photo shoot with my friend Terree, and decided to be fully visible and not hide behind ANYTHING (and by extension, not behind anyone or any old, worn out beliefs). I spoke with a few friends going through some personal challenges; felt honored that they reached out for support, got pampered with my monthly massage with Ruth Anne Wood, and joined the world in the loss of David Bowie. What I realized about that last one was how much his music was a thread that wove through my life and even more dramatically, that he was such a model for my own chameleon personality, as he also re-invented himself. He made it work. I question my ability to do so as successfully, but it sure is fun to attempt it.

This year already feels like I will be called on to walk my talk in every aspect of my life, trusting that God-Goddess-All-That-Is has my back and that I will be joined on my journey by so many loving and supportive souls.

Thanks for being among them


Intentional and Attentional

What if we were to make every encounter with those who cross our paths both intentional and attentional? Not sure the second one is a real word, but I am using it here to indicate that we are paying attention consciously to other folks. It would certainly make the world a whole lot less lonely for those who feel as if they are out there on their own without a sense of belonging.

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