Embraced By The Divine Contributing Writer, Edie Weinstein, Announces Book “Soft Launch”

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A number one best selling book on Kindle, Embraced By The Divine, announced its January 21, 2016 softcover launch along with book discounts and prizes. Embraced by the Divine celebrates by offering a 22% price discount, over 65 free gifts and a prize drawing for a “stunning artwork piece, personally signed…

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The Bucks Happening List “Best Blogger”

Edie writes daily for hefty pile of blogs on topics ranging from addiction to relationships, to self exploration and interviews with famous people.  She is nominated for the “Best Blogger” in Bucks County.  Vote as often as you wish, from January 15 to 22.

You need not live in Bucks County to do it. If you have read my work, then you know I put my heart and soul into it. Also, feel free to spread the word to your peeps ♥ Thank you!

To learn more and read comments from fans, here is a page you may enjoy. You can also vote from there.