Edie and Beth Nolan posing for picture.

Skin Hunger Project Interviews Edie on Loving Your Body


Listen to the recent podcast by The Skin Hunger Project, a non-profit grassroots organization bringing awareness to the importance of touch by highlighting the social, behavioral, mental and physiological impacts that occur when people go without touch.

Edie shares her experiences and reasons for getting into the work by delivering talks, writings and workshops.

Touching Talks is an ongoing series of insightful and powerful conversations with people who are bringing awareness, acceptance and advocacy to Skin Hunger. Each talk adds a new voice to this amazing and wonderfully rich work as and gives us the power to move forward in the journey we have before us.

This talk is with Edie Weinstein MSW, LSW, a consummate hugger and certified Cuddle Party facilitator. She is the Founder of Hugmobsters Armed with Love and she is teaching people to love themselves whole, perfect and complete with her workshop, Love the Skin You’re In.